On the 9th of October 2014, I had the opportunity to present my paper “Feeding your Piggy Bank with Intentions” at the 9th Design and Emotions Conference - Colors of Care, hosted by Universidad de los Andes. As many of you might know, I am interested on the emotional impact that saving money can have on our subjective well-being. The paper had as a case of study the BILLEGAS piggy bank and the idea was, using the Positive Design Framework (Pohlmeyer and Desmet, 2013), to evaluate the characteristics that could motivate users to save money in a more meaningful way. 

Also I was very luck to share stage with two talented design researchers. Andrew Shea, who’s presentation was about how design can help changing or creating habits; and Deger Ozkaramanli, with her research about conflicting concerns and how to take advantage of these conflicts in order to find new design opportunities. designwithdilemmas

If you are interested on reading the paper, it’ll be soon indexed, so stay tune.

So instead of imagining your mission as a painting, think of it as a piece of music. By all means keep an eye on the long term. (Indeed, you must, if you’re to know where you are going. Nietzsche continued: ‘… if the melody has not reach its end it would not have reach its goal either.’) But having identified your long-term target, focus on the present. Ask yourself: what can I do in the next 24 hours? Because if you don’t do anything in 24 hours, what makes you think you ever will?
How to change the world - John-Paul Flintoff